Nomadic’s 4-n-1 Legendary Pop-up: Your Key to Portable Trade Show Success

January 31, 2024
Nomadic’s 4-n-1 Legendary Pop-up: Your Key to Portable Trade Show Success

The “OG” and Still the Best in Portable Excellence

We all know it, the bustling world of trade shows—where businesses clash, ideas collide, and the stage is set for epic brand showdowns. In this fast-paced arena, standing out isn't a luxury; it's survival of the boldest. Enter Nomadic Display, your partner in the quest for exhibit success, armed with a legendary pop-up system that is the foundation for not one, not two, but four distinct product lines – Instand, FabriMural, XPlus, and SPlus – each with its own unique personality, ready to meet your every trade show need with flair.

Now, I bet you’re asking yourself what makes the Nomadic Pop-up system legendary? It’s simple, our pop-up was the trailblazer that kickstarted the pop-up revolution. We didn’t just join the party; we hosted it over 45 years ago! With a legacy steeped in innovation, quality and creativity, Nomadic has been the heartbeat of pop-up innovation since day one and set the industry standards.


What makes our Pop-up technology rise up to exceed trade show excellence? 

It’s Compact, Lightweight and Efficient:

Nomadic's pop-up displays are engineered for efficiency, saving businesses both time and money on storage, transportation, drayage, and labor. Each pop-up system stores in a single case or carry bag and easily transports in a vehicle or can be shipped with UPS or FedEx.

We Use Self-Locking Technology for Swift Set-up:

At the heart of Nomadic's trade show pop-up is the self-locking mechanism, setting the industry standard for the fastest set-up, thus allowing you to focus on what matters most – engaging with your potential clients. 

Our Cross Bracing and Tempered Steel-on-Steel Hubs provide Maximum Strength with Superior Stability:

The meticulous engineering of Nomadic’s pop-up ensures maximum strength, guaranteeing the longevity of each display. Our cross branching and steel hubs are strategically integrated throughout the system, providing stability that withstands the rigors of high-traffic trade show environments. We understand the demands of frequent set-up and dismantling, and our pop-up technology rises to the challenge.

Can You Say…G7 Master Certified Graphics:

Attaching to Nomadic’s superior pop-up system, is our stunning trade show graphics. We know the powerful influence graphics have on your audience at face-to-face events. They play a critical role in drawing attention and communicating your company’s personality, style and message. Three seconds is all the time it takes a visitor to sum up your display. That’s why you want the best graphics for your presentation.

Our trade show graphics aren't just visually stunning; they're G7 certified. What does that mean? G7 Master status is granted to facilities that use the most modern techniques, technology, and calibration controls. Which means your brand colors will be consistent, vibrant, and eye-catching graphics for trade shows, events and commercial interiors. With Nomadic, you don't just get graphics; you get a visual masterpiece that meets the industry's highest color quality standards.


One legendary Pop-up featured across four distinct product lines – Instand, FabriMural, XPlus, and SPlus. Nomadic’s pop-up is the chameleon of trade show displays, with its ability to adapt to any environment and trade show requirement. Our pop-ups come in a variety of sizes and range from 20’ all the way down to Tabletops, offering your company a multitude of options to showcase your brand effectively. 

Instand: The Classic Crusader

Instand was Nomadic’s first product line featuring our trailblazing pop-up, making it the “OG” of the exhibit industry and still dominating today. This custom portable exhibit system adapts to various configurations, making it a popular choice for businesses like yours, seeking a dynamic and adaptable trade show exhibit. Instand's ability to integrate with our modular product lines facilitates high-impact custom designs, ensuring a seamless representation of any company's branding. With its polar opposite magnet-to-magnet mounting system, it ensures that the brilliant inkjet panels are easy to attach and self-align with seamless precision every time. Enhancing the visual appeal of Instand, providing exhibitors with a hassle-free premium quality exhibit.

FabriMural: The Fabric Maestro

What’s the solution for those of you craving an affordable lightweight display but with a sleek and elegant simplicity? FabriMural. This single, seamless fabric graphic mural creates a stunning visual impact in one quick motion. The pre-installed velcro fabric graphic panel simplifies setup – just pop up the frame, and your FabriMural display is ready to showcase your brand’s stunning message. It’s so lightweight, you could even transport it in one of our carry bags. 

XPlus: The Modular Maverick

Ready to take your pop-up display to the next level of dimensional creativity and endless possibilities. Our XPlus displays feature multi-faceted fabric graphic panels that are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, adding dramatic dimensionality and originality to meet your branding needs for any event. The pre-installed fabric graphic panels make setup a breeze – just pop the frame, and your XPlus display is ready to make a unique statement. 

SPlus: The Chic Showstopper

Looking for an adaptable stunning showstopper? Our SPlus offers a creative and innovative solution to expandability and customization. The display features lightweight portability with SEG channel bars that offer seamless HD quality single-sided and double-sided SEG wrinkle-free fabric graphics. Whether you need a 10' with corner units or expand into a unique 20' display w/ walk-in storage, the system grows with you, offering the perfect look and size in any environment. SPlus exemplifies Nomadic Display's commitment to providing exhibitors with versatile solutions that adapt to their evolving needs. It doesn’t get any better than this!


"Creativity is intelligence having fun" once said Albert Einstein, and I couldn't agree more. When it comes to crafting the perfect trade show display, it's not just about showcasing your products; it's about unleashing your brand's creative beast. And what better way to let your creativity run wild than with our ingenious pop-up technology, coupled with a diverse range of accessories and the flexibility of modularity, is the creative playground where brands come to life. 

It's like adding the perfect adornment to your favorite outfit, but for your brand. From sleek shelving units to eye-catching banner stands, Nomadic's accessory arsenal is a treasure trove of possibilities. Want to highlight a specific product? Snap on some LED lights. Need to showcase a video presentation? Nomadic has got you covered with integrated monitors. The result? A trade show display that not only catches the eye but engages the senses.

What truly sets us apart is the modularity we offer, it's like playing with building blocks for grown-ups. Imagine starting with a standard pop-up display at one event and effortlessly expanding it for a larger space at the next, by seamlessly integrating our other product lines, creating a dynamic showcase that evolves with your narrative. It's like having a chameleon of a trade show display – adapting to its surroundings while maintaining that unmistakable essence of your brand.

As Picasso stated, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." At Nomadic, we encourage that inner child in you, letting your creativity run free. The ability to mix and match, add and subtract, gives you the power to experiment endlessly. In honor of Mr. Picasso’s masterpieces, let your mind explore the possibilities with some of ours.


The cherry on top! It’s not just all about our stellar pop-up system; it’s our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Picture this: you’re on the brink of an event, and a sudden hiccup threatens to throw your plans into disarray. Fear not, for Nomadic’s got your back! Our best-in-class warranties aren’t just promises; they’re shields of assurance. Any glitch, any hiccup, and our 24-Hour LifeLine swoops in to save the day. Need guidance, advice, or just a reassuring voice in the chaos? Our customer service is top-notch—knowledgeable, empathetic reps ready to guide you through any challenge with the finesse of a seasoned pro. We at Nomadic aren’t just about selling pop-ups; we’re about crafting relationships, ensuring your journey from purchase to show floor is as smooth as silk.


Instand, FabriMural, XPlus, and SPlus aren’t just pop-up displays; they're your marketing partner in the world of trade shows. So, which one’s your ultimate pick? The classic reliability of Instand, the sleek sophistication of SPlus, the fabric finesse of FabriMural, or the modular magic of XPlus? Take your pick, or better yet, add-on an array of accessories to mix and match and concoct a display that’s uniquely, unequivocally YOU!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of Nomadic’s 4-in-1 pop-up system and let your brand soar to new heights at the next trade show event! Contact Nomadic Display today, the brand, the myth, the legend.

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